Jeff & Heather's Engagement Pictures

May 17, 2017  •  6 Comments

Let me tell you my version of their sweet story. It’s more than just boy meets girl.  It goes more like this…boy meets girl and likes her but is afraid she won’t like him.  Boy manages to have a class with girl and conveniently sits behind her.  Boy decides girl is out of his league.  In the meanwhile, girl starts falling for said boy but he never asks her out.  Class ends (sad face).  Months go by. Graduation approaches.  Boy is given encouragement by her step-dad to ask girl out for ice cream. Boy is surprised. And excited. And takes the plunge. Girl says YES! It only takes a few months for this courtship to lead to love and engagement. Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.  ‘Nuf said.


Teresa Hubbard(non-registered)
Something's seem to happen by divine appointment! Trusting that the Lord will continue to help Jeffrey and Heather write a beautiful love story!
Karen Breaux(non-registered)
Sweet, sweet pictures of Jeffrey and his beautiful lady that God sent to him! We love you Heather and are so happy that you are a part of our family!
Glenda Breaux(non-registered)
That bashful boy is my grandson. I am so glad he ask Heather out for ice cream, or they might not have gotten together. And I would not have met this sweet and beautiful girl. Who would become my grandsughter .
Carita Wilburn(non-registered)
What awesome pictures of a beautiful couple! Thx for sharing! It's wonderful to see the love they feel for each other. It's written all over both of them. So happy for you both! Can't wait to meet you, Heather! If you captured Jeff's heart, you must be someone very special.
Sheila Upshaw(non-registered)
This was so sweet April! Great pics
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