There is nothing more important to me than the safety of your baby. Listed below are some of the ways I keep your newborn safe during a newborn photo session.   


We take safety precautions to make sure all equipment is safe and sturdy.  Cameras can be heavy and they are utilized in such a way that they do not come in close contact with an infant or older baby.


Newborn posing is done in a way that protects the baby and keeps them comfortable.  Most poses are done on a large bean bag specifically designed for newborn posing. While baby is on the bean bag, extra cushion is added to make sure they are well supported.  The newborn is never forced into a pose that seems to make them uncomfortable or upset.

Some poses require composite images and a parent’s hand is on the baby at all times, even though the final images (edited) does not show the parent’s hand.

When a small child is photographed with a newborn, parents are within arm’s reach. 

Props are chosen based on their durability and steadiness. Parents are asked to sit close to props and often keep a hand on props to make extra sure they will not move if baby moves. 


In the event of an illness or exposure to an illness, appointments are rescheduled. The photographer’s vaccinations for Whooping Cough and the Flu are kept up-to-date.


All blankets, headbands, clothing, etc. are washed with baby-safe detergent. If an item was worn but is not machine washable, then it will be hand-washed or sanitized with an antibacterial wipe.